Velocity, the digital workplace platform developed by PEAKUP, has been selected as one of the top 8 applications in the world. Velocity was the only Turkish application selected among thousands of applications uploaded to the Microsoft Teams Store. In the evaluation made by Microsoft Corp. with headquarters in Seattle, USA, many criteria ranging from user-friendliness to popularity were taken into consideration. Velocity, one of the top 8 applications among all global applications integrated into Microsoft Teams, is considered to be a strategic application that is believed to produce the most benefit, an application with competence in digital marketing and an application with the potential to achieve global prevalence. The concept of “digital workplace”, which the whole world is talking about, is gaining more and more importance in terms of removing geographical barriers and providing 24/7 access to information with cloud services, mobility and artificial intelligence applications. Increasing employee loyalty, making a difference in terms of collaboration and productivity, facilitating content/document management and business processes are among the important goals of digital workplace applications. Velocity, developed to achieve these goals, increases the interaction of employees with its collective structure and provides efficiency in the execution of business processes of organizations.

For employees who are prejudiced against working on digital platforms, the first step of becoming a digital workplace is through intranet platforms in order for them to adapt quickly. Velocity, an intranet platform that digitizes communication processes and makes them the simplest to use, is one of the most important supporters of companies in digital transformation.

Today, Microsoft Teams, which hosts 75 million daily unique users and 200 million daily meeting participants all over the world, can be integrated with the digital workplace platform Velocity. When Velocity is used through Microsoft Teams, it helps you easily access your files, announcements, LPPD, clarification texts and business procedures, documents, horoscopes, service hours and many other information. This way, you can reach out to all your employees at the same time and at the same pace, and maintain your communication centrally under a single roof.